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Automated HealthCare Solutions Revives $87K From Bottom Line

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Automated HealthCare Solutions Secures 26% Annual Savings

Automated HealthCare Solutions (AHCS) saved more than $87,000 annually on outsourced IT services and Telecom purchases thanks to Expense Reduction Analysts’ team of experts.

AHCS, a software provider for the healthcare industry, reached out to ERA, hoping to combat its rising technology costs. After initial review, ERA’s category specialists noted an opportunity for savings with co-location and telecom services.

The client wanted to stay with their current supplier for co-location services. Still, the challenge was that the incumbent provider proved not cost-competitive via ERA’s RFP process. ERA’s team renegotiated AHCS’ contracts with the supplier, improving service offerings and reducing prices by 39%.

Concurrently, ERA reviewed the company’s telecom services. Through the RFP process, ERA was again able to negotiate a 27% reduction in expenses with the incumbent supplier.

Savings in these cost areas are being used to enhance employee benefits.

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