ChoiceSpine Saves 20% in Small Package Freight Costs

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ERA has ChoiceSpine’s back on shipping costs, finding $144k in annual savings

ERA assisted ChoiceSpine, a well-known manufacturer of surgeon-focused systems whose products improve people’s lives and mobility in finding savings hidden in their operational spending. The $144k in annual savings improved the company’s bottom line and allowed them to reinvest in future growth initiatives.

Our team of category specialists identified savings in the company’s small package freight spend — resulting in a 20% decrease in annual spending to ship products and equipment. These savings were achieved by working with the client to find alternate packaging that was cost-effective and satisfied the organization’s need to re-use the shipping materials to receive loaned equipment back.

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Read more on how ERA found $144K in annual savings for leading spinal implant manufacturer, ChoiceSpine, by analyzing their small parcel freight costs.

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"The shipping team at ERA have been great to work with...The approach was one very much based in a spirit of partnership which made internal buy-in very easy."


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