Delaware Hospice Saves 54% on Answering Services

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ERA answered Delaware Hospice’s call to save 54% – $32,500 annually – on the nonprofit’s answering service costs. 

Delaware Hospice, a leading provider of hospice, palliative, and transitional care, in PA, partnered with ERA to improve the quality of their after-hours answering services.

Though the incumbent supplier provided adequate coverage, occasionally, the supplier dropped the ball regarding message accuracy. ERA’s category specialists reviewed the activity and related costs for service with the incumbent supplier against new providers in the marketplace.

When presented with an options report, Delaware Hospice opted to engage one of ERA’s recommended new suppliers. The new provider has lower costs and can handle calls more efficiently, requiring less activity.

The newfound savings will allow the nonprofit care provider to reinvest in its mission, helping additional community members.

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Our case study examines how a nonprofit care facility partnered with ERA to reduce its after-hours answering service costs.

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"ERA has assisted us in saving over $3M in reviewing over a dozen expense categories. They provide expertise in all these areas & assist us in operational areas beyond cost savings. The relationship has been outstanding."


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