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Pro Max Fence secures 15% annual savings in equipment rentals

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ERA’s specialists uncover $33K annual savings for Pro Max Fence

Pro Max Fence, a multi-state leader in fence installation, is now saving $33k annually after partnering with ERA’s category specialists to reduce equipment rental costs.

The residential, commercial, and industrial fencing company was in the throws of enacting a rapid growth plan; however, the biggest challenge was the high cost of equipment rentals. ERA examined the fencing company’s financial data and prior usage patterns to understand which equipment would be more cost-effective to purchase and which should still be rented. To further save on rented equipment, ERA was able to recommend a mix of new and incumbent suppliers.

With the newfound 15% annual savings, Pro Max plans to propel its growth into new territories.

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"We only needed to share simple information with ERA, and they handled the rest. We were able to get our prices locked in within three months of starting the process.”


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