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Top Manufacturer Reduces Wireless Telecommunication Costs by 32%


ERA Helps Stone Manufacturer Find Savings

Since 1978, Environmental StoneWorks has been a leading stone manufacturer. The client has 15 installation hubs located in various locations across the United States. Environmental StoneWorks has an excellent reputation with its customers. However, the company experienced a dilemma with rising data usage from employees’ smartphones and work pads.

ERA helped Environmental StoneWorks find a solution to mitigate rising data costs. After careful analysis and exploring several options, ERA consultants were able to implement best practices with the client’s data provided that resulted in critical savings.

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"The project actually took very little of my time, with ERA subject matter specialists doing all the heavy lifting regarding the data analysis and vendor selection, and the results were very impressive. This is the second company where I have employed ERA's services to tackle a variety of cost categories, and they delivered savings every time."

Steve Bohn, Director, Finance - Environmental StoneWorks

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