Jarrod Schendel

Principal Consultant

Jarrod Schendel < Expense Reduction Analysts

Jarrod has over 20 years of experience in operations at the executive level in the petroleum/energy sector. He is highly skilled at setting quality standards for employees, customers, and suppliers. In addition to his vast operations experience, Jarrod holds undergraduate and graduate-level degrees in the field of education and exercise from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

His immense knowledge of leading procurement, operations, and quality control departments in the private and public sectors serve as a solid foundation to assist many organizations. Jarrod is married with two children. He enjoys grilling, basketball, and “all things South Louisiana.” Jarrod’s focus is in the manufacturing, healthcare, and education fields.

Find Extra Cash Flow

Jarrod Schendel:

"When I first speak with clients one of the concerns that consistently comes up is, 'how much will this cost?' We've developed a success-based model, so our fees come from the savings we put back in our client's pockets. If we're not successful, there's no fee. If we do drive savings, we share that equally over 24-months of supplier monitoring. Let's connect soon and talk about how I could help your business."