Pam Duer

Principal Consultant

Pam Duer < Expense Reduction Analysts

Pam Duer is a Principal Consultant with 30 years of warehousing and distribution experience in the apparel industry, with Levi Strauss & Co. She has held several critical roles, including Sr. Operations Manager of a 750K sq. ft. 400+ employee, highly automated distribution facility. She was responsible for P&L for multimillion-dollar Opex and Capex annual budgets. Her background also includes leading process improvement projects using Six-Sigma Lean Manufacturing principles, supplier selection and optimization, and labor relations.

She has led multiple national initiatives for supply chain optimization, warehouse start-ups, and retrofits that include, new facilities, material handling. and warehouse management software.

Pam consults for ERA in the Nevada, Utah, and Colorado area. She will work closely with clients to understand their needs and to identify and implement cost savings opportunities.

1+ 702 359 0566

Pam Duer