Paula J. Kaeser

Principal Consultant

Paula J. Kaeser ERA

Paula Kaeser is a Principal Consultant in Louisville, Kentucky, with over 10 years’ experience in the insurance industry.

Paula is seen as a trusted advisor helping businesses and families protect what is vital. She built two agencies to more than $1.4 Million books-of-business from scratch by implementing progressive staff development techniques and sales automation.

Her background also includes derivatives trading leading to an extensive knowledge of put and call options contracts as both speculative and hedging tools. Paula actively engages in educating others about these and other financial instruments.

Paula spent 20 years as a partner in a large-scale dairy farming operation, making agriculture near and dear to her. During this time, she played a vital role in managing the financials by delivering hands-on training of expense and production reports to employees.

Paula’s biggest passion and greatest achievement comes from her role in working to establish a Peruvian NGO called Comida Para Todo. The organization helps an indigenous agricultural collective achieve certified organic status, resulting in a premium for their goods on the world market. Paula currently serves on the board of directors for this pivotal organization.