Ray D. Jansma

Consulting Partner

Ray Jansma | ERA Group

Ray Jansma is a trusted advisor in his role as a Consulting Partner with ERA Group serving the Los Angeles and Orange County markets.

As an advocate for his CEO and CFO clients, Ray focuses on building strong relationships and delivering comprehensive cost-containment solutions that unlock hidden cash flow.

Ray’s track record of success extends across various industries and leadership positions in both domestic and international environments. His career began in the energy sector, where he initially gained operational and procurement expertise. He later transitioned into a sales leadership role and oversaw an international group of manufacturing sales managers. Under his leadership, his team achieved substantial results by doubling revenue in less than four years.

Ray continued his career in the construction industry, where he successfully oversaw the flagship branch for a large wholesale building supply company, growing revenue and profits. He quickly earned a reputation for transforming struggling outfits into profitable organizations, and he went on to manage multiple branches for his organization.

Most recently, Ray utilized his business development skills to secure nearly $90 million in revenue for the world’s largest, energy company service provider. He served as a program chair for the Society of Petroleum Engineers, whose’ mission is to encourage interest in and provide scholarships for individuals interested in STEM careers. Ray has also served as President of two different Rotary Clubs and served as chair for multiple committees on his local church board.