Tom Frank

Consulting Partner

Tom Frank | ERA Group

Tom Frank is a Consulting Partner who specializes in health and employee benefits insurance, as well as property, liability, and workers’ compensation insurance coverage.

Before joining ERA, Tom worked with various aviation, military, medical, and industrial engineering firms. His focus was on the implementation of electronic components into their product designs. Tom also holds a degree from the University of California, San Diego in Economics with a focus in Engineering Science.

He also has extensive knowledge within the insurance industry, which has helped hundreds of insurance portfolios both in cost and quality for businesses across the country. Tom utilizes proprietary insurance rate benchmarking, no-cost coverage improvements, and negotiation strategies specific to the insurance industry to consistently lower ERA clients’ premiums while improving their coverages.

Tom utilizes first-hand experience in negotiating insurance for a variety of industries, including manufacturing, brewing, hospitality, distribution, education, non-profit, food service, construction, healthcare, and life science. These factors have improved hundreds of insurance portfolios in cost and quality for many organizations across the country.