“7 steps to generate more leads.” “Get 500 leads overnight.” All the above are titles of articles I’ve read on a quest to find out how to be the ultimate lead generator. After reading several articles, I learned a lot. However, the most important thing I learned was that I had wasted my time reading all those articles. I already had the answer I was looking for. Interaction. That is the number one way to generate leads.

In a world where artificial intelligence is on the rise, people appreciate talking to a real person now more than ever. Automated responses are a thing of the past. Studies show audiences respond better to a product or service when they feel like they have a connection to it. What does all this mean? It means that we need authenticity. When you post content, whether it receives 4 comments or 400 comments you should respond to at least 50 percent of them, if not all.

Not responding to a comment doesn’t make your brand more attractive to your audience. It discourages them from interacting, sharing, and liking your content in the future. If you want more authentic leads, then be genuine with your audience and send a quick response letting them know you appreciate the comment or stir up a little debate and play devil’s advocate on an appropriate controversial topic. Either way interaction is sure to bring your company and/or brand leads.