Social Media – Gone are the days where your only options of advertising were overly priced newspaper, radio, and TV ads. Now you can advertise for free with platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Snap chat, LinkedIn, and many more. It also helps that each platform has a certain type of demographic, so you know exactly where to market your business.


9-5 isn’t cutting it anymore – Let’s be honest. Company culture has changed. A lot of companies are changing what the work week looks like to most people. Slowly, more and more companies are ditching the usual 9-5 and replacing it with remote positions, 4-day work weeks, or shorter day shifts. Why? Because while some people love their jobs, they also love flexibility. Being a business owner allows you to create your own work hours.


Tax benefits – There are quite a few perks when you become an entrepreneur and one of those perks are tax write-offs. Food, travel expenses, and more can be included as a tax write off.


Financial Freedom – Need I say more? Who doesn’t want financial freedom?!


Make a difference – Depending on what your business is, you may impact the world in many ways. Talk about rewarding!


Legacy – If your business can stand firm among the rest then there’s a great chance you can leave a legacy behind for those to come whether it’s your children or a charity.


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