I’m sure you’ve heard the news. Apple had quite the event last Monday. Tim Cook, dressed for the occasion (in a black sweater of course), announced some BIG news! In case you missed it, On Monday Apple announced that they will be debuting a streaming service (think e-magazines on demand), an arcade, and a credit card. Yes, all three of those will be coming soon. Now, we all know that Apple is known for being on top of their game when it comes to innovation, but have they gone too far this time?


The streaming service is appropriate. We live in a time where people check their phones for news and instant updates more than they do the newspaper/TV. We have kindle fires to access an endless number of books so it’s only right to have the same for magazines and such. Moving on to the arcade, this is innovative of Apple. I see the arcade going far. Video gaming has always been big and with AI on the rise it’s only going to get bigger. There is definitely room to flourish in that market.


Lastly, the credit card. This was an unnecessary move in my opinion. First and foremost, Apple pay hasn’t done that well since its’ 2014 release. So why would Apple move forward with a credit card? With this card, Apple promises no fees for overspending, spending internationally, or late payments. They also offer an attractive all white titanium card as an alternative to companies who won’t accept payment from the app. Sounds good, right? Well, only if you plan on having an iPhone forever. Without the iPhone, you become VERY limited to what you can do. Your phone holds all the power in this situation, especially because there’s no card number or cvv. So basically, if you lose your phone, you lose your life. While that may sound like a dramatic millennial phrase, it’s true! Apple is on the verge of making everything accessible from your phone. This may be convenient for some, but for others it’s a bit alarming. What’s your take? Has Apple gone too far?