Some will say there isn’t a difference and I will say that’s not true. There is absolutely a difference. When you “run” a business, you are an overseer. The boss. The leader. The general manager. The head honcho. Everyone reports to you. You keep the ball rolling and keep everything and everyone in check.  Did Rhonda turn in that report this morning?  Did Sean post three times today on every social media platform?  Did Melissa order more office supplies? Yup, that’s all you plus a plethora of other daily tasks of course. Running a business can be very difficult, stressful and above all else tiring.

However, owning a business may take the cake when it comes to difficulty levels. When you own a business. You play every role every day. “I demand to speak to the manager!” That’s you. “There’s a spill near the entryway. You may want to get it cleaned up so no one falls.” Grab your mop. You’re also the janitor. “Can I set an appointment?” Smile, you’re the receptionist too! Those are just a few of the many hats you wear as an owner. You’re building something from the ground up so you must do everything, until you can afford to hire employees.


The difference is obvious between the two. One, you’re able to come in and pick up where the last person left off, which can be a great thing. The other, you’re moving to your own beat and can create a path of your own instead of following one.


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