Technology has skyrocketed over the last 20 years and there’s more to come which could potentially leave people without jobs. While 20 years may seem far away, it’s actually closer than you think.  According to, a U.K. based company, these 10 professions will be extinct in the years to come. Will your profession be axed? Read on to find out my take on LottoLand’s article about which careers could be terminated!


  1. Cashiers will be replaced with self-checkout machines

With Amazon and other grocery store heavy hitters delivering fresh produce to your door, I’d say this is accurate. Oh, and let’s not forget they’ve rolled out RFID tags that charge you upon exiting the store.  

  1. Newspaper delivery will be replaced with electronic reading devices

If you’re like the rest of us, you check your phone for the latest news before you even put a donut shop flavored K-cup into your Keurig in the morning. With that being said, it makes sense why this job could be eliminated. Newspapers are no longer needed when you have phones and tablets updating you by the minute.

  1. Travel agents will be replaced with travel websites, Trivago, Expedia, and many more third-party websites are giving travel agents a run for their money. However, some people haven’t mastered the art of proper planning when it comes to traveling. Things such as activities, the best days and times to travel, and country cultures are not always provided through these websites. That’s when we’re sent running back to travel agents. So, I’m not too sure if I agree with LottoLand on this one. I believe travel agents will still be employed within the next 20 years.

  1. Taxi dispatchers will be replaced with mobile apps

Uber. Lyft. Enough said.

man driving vehicle

  1. Taxi drivers will be replaced with self-driving cars

This is a little far-fetched. Sure, we’ve seen videos of self-driving cars being tested out, but it seems as though there’s still a few loose screws with this. According to The Atlantic, self-driving vehicles haven’t proved themselves to be safe, and there’s a possibility that your car could get hacked and drive you off a cliff, so I think we will all continue to drive our own cars for now.

  1. Journalists will be replaced with artificial intelligence software

LottoLand’s argument is that “Advanced developments in artificial intelligence software mean that soon enough even writing won’t be a problem for AI. This suggests that in the future content could be created with any human input at all.” I see AI doing a lot of things, but journalism isn’t one of them. What people appreciate most when it comes to writing is the style and voice that comes with it. AI doesn’t come with feelings or emotions the way humans do; therefore, AI journalism could come off very bland and redundant.

  1. Social-media specialists will be replaced with everyday individuals

According to LottoLand, the next generation of workers will be growing up with social media integrated into their everyday lives from the get-go. With this in mind, a role solely dedicated to managing and maintaining social media is unlikely to be necessary, as they will simply be common skills rather than a specialized career.

First and foremost, I am offended as this is my current career! (just kidding!) I’m in no way offended because I don’t see this being true at all. Although we are becoming more and more social media savvy, there are still people out there who don’t understand the algorithms of Facebook, or why you should tweet at a certain time. The idea that social media specialists will be out of work by 2020 is absurd.

  1. Telemarketers will be replaced with robots

Automated systems will only get you so far. Many of us can agree that we hate encounters with automated services when trying to pay a bill, set an appointment, or reach an actual customer service rep.  I believe it’s safe to say that telemarketers will be here for a little while longer. Maybe not 20 years, but I’d say a solid 15 years.

white robot near brown wall

  1. Assembly line workers will be replaced with robots

Assembly lines already heavily rely on automated machines, so if robots were to replace all assembly line workers by 2020, it wouldn’t come as a surprise.

  1. Referees will be replaced with video technology

There’s a reason we use the phrase “I saw it with my own eyes.” when we want someone to believe us. Nothing beats seeing it for yourself. Videos are very useful and most definitely come in handy in the world of sports, but referees are needed regardless of how many bad calls they make. Referees call it. Videos confirm it. Both are needed and here to stay.


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