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At Expense Reduction Analysts, You Don’t Compete with Your Fellow Consultants, You Cooperate

At Expense Reduction Analysts, we believe in collaboration between our consultants to deliver the most savings possible to our clients. We don’t grant exclusive territories, but instead of competing for clients, we encourage our franchisees to work together to serve the needs of those in their areas. We base the number of licensees we establish in each area on the number of prospects (businesses with an annual gross revenue between 10 and 250 million) in that area. We balance our licensees so that there are enough potential clients to provide profitable business for everyone working together to serve the needs of that client base.

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ERA conslutant
ERA conslutant

Potential Markets

Our clients come from a wide variety of industries, including but not limited to healthcare, energy solutions, professional services, automotive, education, financial services, manufacturing, hospitality and catering, nonprofit, and retail. Our target clients are businesses with $10M-$250M in annual revenue. In the U.S., Expense Reduction Analysts is currently accepting inquiries from all 50 states and Canada.

“I joined Expense Reduction Analysts over 10 years ago with the ambition to build a large consulting business. Today I employ more than 25 people. We’ve got ambitious targets to take our business from today’s 7-figure revenues to even higher levels.”

Peter – Franchisee since 2008

Serving Clients Through a Joint Venture Franchise Model

As an Expense Reduction Analysts consultant, you bring your unique perspective and experience from your time in one or more industries. You call on this knowledge and experience to analyze and identify savings for your clients. But as the adage goes, two heads (or more) are better than one.

You may be in business for yourself, but you’re not by yourself. Through your Expense Reduction Analysts franchise family, you’re a part of a vast network of consultants, with whom you’ll work together to analyze each client’s business. Your fellow consultants will provide you with insight on savings opportunities in aspects of a client’s business you might not have thought of alone, and you’ll do the same for them!

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