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Financial Questions

Startup costs range from $66,000 – $85,900. The franchise fee is $59,900. Learn more about franchise investment and profitability.

By law, we cannot predict or guarantee any earnings. You can learn more about past financial performance in Item 19 of our latest Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). The FDD Item 20 includes a list of franchisees you are welcome to contact. They are free to share financial information with you. We can tell you we are a high-value, low-volume business. That means we specialize in acquiring a relatively low volume of clients while providing very high returns for our services. Learn more about franchise investment and profitability

As an Expense Reduction Analysts consultant, your revenue comes directly from the savings you find your clients. When you take on a client, you analyze their current status quo and how they can achieve savings. You then research savings options and present the client with an options report. After the client chooses their option, you facilitate the implementation of the savings process. You monitor the savings in performance reports for the next 24-48 months. As a consultant, your fee is a percentage of the savings you create for the client.

ERA provides its franchisees with a dedicated sales prospector and ongoing, dedicated in-field support to help you find your clients the most savings possible.

Owning a business consulting firm is a big decision. We’ll take you through an eight-step process to determine if Expense Reduction Analysts is the right fit for you:

  1. Conducting an introductory call.
  2. Providing a brand review.
  3. Filling out a candidate questionnaire.
  4. Conducting a funding & market analysis.
  5. Providing a franchise disclosure document.
  6. Holding a Discovery Day.
  7. Signing an award letter.
  8. Signing a franchise agreement.

Communication and organizational skills are a must in this business. Qualified candidates will have 10-15 years of business experience in operations, sales, finance, or marketing.

You should also have a minimum net worth of $150,000 and liquid assets of at least $100,000.

You do not need to have financial experience, although some of our franchisees come from that world. We attract an equal number of people with operations, sales, and marketing backgrounds. We provide franchise training and support to all of our consultants.

Our transitional program allows you to start your Expense Reduction Analysts franchise while continuing to keep your full-time job for a while longer. While you transition from corporate life to full business ownership, you’ll need to be able to put 10-15 hours a week into this business.

“I’m confident that leaving my corporate role in New York to start my Expense Reduction Analysts franchise will give me the rewards, lifestyle and balance that I’m looking for. I love finding profits for my clients and my income is directly linked to my own efforts – that’s a great place to be”

Laura – Franchisee since 2021

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