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Learning From Crisis: Four Ways to Improve & Strengthen Your Supply Chain

Has your organization assessed your supply chain? Find out how to move towards a state of recovery after crisis.

As organizations continue to navigate challenges from the COVID-19 crisis, effective supply chain management is paramount. Production delays, equipment shortages, and other complications have hindered the efficiency of many supply chain processes. Many organizations recognize supply chain issues but may be unsure of how to address them.

ERA Principal Consultant Dileep Kulkarni suggests four ways organizations can improve their supply chain:

  • Understanding the importance of a Critical Supply Chain
  • Protecting your Critical Supply Chain
  • Assessing your supplier’s risk management plan
  • Evaluating your supply chain landscape

Executive leaders should charge their organizations to make a robust assessment of lessons learned and best practices to improve their supply chain. Now is the time to implement solutions that will provide sustainability in times of crisis and recovery. Download our article today to understand how your organization can strengthen its supply chain and gain a competitive advantage.

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