Retail < Ride Sharing < Expense Reduction Analysts

The retail and transportation industries have evolved to include much more than delivering products to customers. Digital integration, groundbreaking innovation, and the customer’s emotional experience are all top priorities. Consumers and costumers value the associated experience beyond just the product itself. For this reason, organizations have to find more creative ways to cater to multiple consumer demands simultaneously.

Sustainable Shopping Made Easy

Healthier eating and living habits are a top priority for many Americans today. However, determining which products to buy can be quite a daunting task. Husband and wife team James and Jo Hand have done their part in helping solve this dilemma. The couple launched Giki (which stands for “Get Informed, Know your Impact”) Enterprises in 2017. The free Giki mobile app allows customers to scan products to find out how they rate in specific categories 1. Carbon footprints, sustainable palm oil, organic status, responsible sourcing, healthier comparisons, and recycling are all scanned with a particular rating. The buyer is then able to make a much more informed decision about their purchase while saving money and time.

Lyft and Medicaid Partnership

Arizona passed a new rule on May 1st to allow rideshare companies to register as non-emergency vehicle transportation providers. As a result, Lyft is now a viable Medicaid provider in Arizona 2. The concept behind this partnership is to allow an affordable means of transportation for non-emergency medical care. Expect rival ride share company Uber to follow suit soon as well. Medicaid patients will eventually have reliable non-emergency vehicle transportation at their disposal across the country.

When Accessories and Mental Health Meet

Mobile apps are a viable source to ignite impact in the marketplace.  The British accessory designer Poppy Jamie has launched a new Happy Not Perfect App. Jamie’s goal is to help others combat similar mental health and anxiety issues as she has experienced. She is also the co-founder of the Pop & Suki with Suki Waterhouse. Now, loyal costumers of the Pop & Suki brand will also be exposed to a new way to improve their mental health 3. The app just launched last year and has already experienced great success with hundreds of thousands of downloads.

Organizations must remember that the end user and customer is looking for multiple solutions. Innovation is no longer a streamlined process with one specific goal in mind. Leaders must push their businesses to operate in a way that serves various needs while still delivering the company’s primary goal.

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