Digital Advancements < Expense Reduction Analysts

As we close out the fourth quarter of 2019, many organizations are setting gears in motion to implement 2020 strategies. Digital integration is a top priority for most organizations. Although there are many avenues organizations can take, a digital strategy should aim to increase productivity and efficiency. Many organizations may overthink plans to incorporate digital transformation efforts into their daily operations. For instance, speech technology can be used to improve various tasks such as finalizing inventory, sending instructions, and quicker data processing. However, some digital enhancements are already available today.

Here are four digital advancements your organization may be underutilizing.

Increased Mobile Messaging

Although email communication is inescapable, many organizations are turning to text messages to reach consumers. As consumer demand shifts towards a greater need to be informed, text message alerts deliver information in real time. 40% of consumers admit they have at least 50 unread emails 1 in their inbox. Nearly 1 in 10 consumers admit they have over 1,000 unread emails in their inbox. Organizations should remember only to use email to communicate with their consumers only when necessary. Some people have separate email accounts designated for information deemed as junk mail. The use of increased mobile messaging efforts will ensure consumers are well informed, right in the palm of their hand.

Patient Diagnosis by Scent

The healthcare industry is already including artificial intelligence initiatives for more accurate patient diagnosis. For instance, some facilities use robots as a second opinion to confirm certain illnesses. However, healthcare organizations may need to turn to the digital use of the sense of smell. Research is currently underway for the early detection of diseases through the sense of smell 2 . AI-driven health models may be able to determine early warning signs from a human’s breath. For instance, traces of woodsy breath scents can lead to an early diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease. As a result, the healthcare industry will be better equipped to give patients a more accurate diagnosis.

Hand-Picked Freshness

Manufacturing and automotive industries currently use robots in assembly-line production. However, their functionality has other essential uses as well. Grocery stores may consider using robots to operate a more efficient supply chain. A robot already exists that can pick ripe berries and separate them into various containers. The robot uses a combination of sensors and cameras to determine the best fruit. Expect future iterations to include further tactile developments and integration with other senses.

A Clear Picture with Machine Vision

Machine vision is a process in which computers can see, manipulate, and interpret data for business decisions. Autonomous driving and facial recognition already use machine vision tactics today. Also, machine vision has a benefit for quality control efforts as well. Organizations save time analyzing data and make better informed critical decisions. With this in mind, organizations can earn time back and deliver more stable solutions.

Digital integration will be critical for 2020 success. However, organizations should determine what technologies benefit their business model. Several options are already available or in development. Make the switch now for the solutions that make the most sense. The answer for right digital advancement tactics may be right in front of your eyes.


1 Consumers 35x More Likely to See Brands’ Texts vs Emails by John Koetsier
2 13 Mind-Blowing Things Artificial Intelligence Can Already Do Today by Bernard Marr