Who Are The Key Players

A safe workplace environment is necessary for any organization and how it interacts with the general public. A designated committee helps keep an employer’s rules and regulations intact. However, critical steps should be followed to select the right group of individuals.

Many organizations may not know how to assemble an effective safety committee. The committee should represent a mixture of departments and should not be comprised solely of management. Employee participation should be suggested and encouraged. Otherwise, the committee may not be received as well by the company.

7 Checklist Items for Your Safety Committee

  1. Develop a safety program. Involve employees and ensure they are properly trained on the processes.
  2. Lower the frequency and severity of accidents and injuries. Serve as a safety review board for all incidents. Recommend safety measures to help prevent similar occurrences in the future.
  3. Maintain a safe environment for employees and visitors. Establish a procedure for reporting hazardous conditions or activities.
  4. Conduct facility inspections to identify and correct unsafe conditions before they create an incident.
  5. Coordinate and assure that evacuation and shelter-in-place drills are being conducted.
  6. Assure that first aid kits and personal protective equipment needs are met.
  7. Develop and conduct safety orientation training for new employees.

Also, the safety committee should have monthly meetings with a set agenda. Meetings should be held at the same time and day of the month to promote proactive planning and consistency. In addition, the safety committee should always remember to establish clear, attainable goals.

About the Author:

ERA Insurance Category Specialist, Marlys Schmitt, CPCU, ARM, is an experienced Principal Consultant of Expense Reduction Analysts (ERA) in Minnesota. As an advisor and advocate, her focus is to build strong relationships and deliver comprehensive cost containment solutions for her CEO and CFO clients. During her tenure with Expense Reduction Analysts, Ms. Schmitt has led reviews of over $20 million in expenses and completed over 100 client projects. She also assists clients with ensuring their Insurance Broker’s services (including Safety Committee set up and participation) are up to par.

Marlys has an average cost savings of 18.5%. In 2012, ERA elected Schmitt as the Insurance Practice Chair comprised of eight consultants throughout the United States, who focus on insurance and risk management project reviews. Marlys’ particular expertise in Insurance and Risk Management includes her ability to analyze coverages, perform and consult on risk management services, advise on claim expertise, and manage broker relationships. She is an expert at obtaining the broadest coverages at the most comprehensive premiums for her clients. Marlys is asked by many of her clients to assist in driver safety programs, abuse prevention and investigation, OSHA safety, corporate safety plan development, coverage reviews and benchmark studies.

How ERA Can Help

ERA ensures your organization is obtaining the best value for your premium dollars.  We will obtain optimal savings and coverage improvements, through processes such as evaluating the current state of your Insurance Broker’s Safety Committee. We verify that your specific safety committee is in compliance with insurance standards.