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During these uncertain times, many finance leaders carry the daunting task of maintaining supply chain efficiency. Careful and well-thought-out decisions will help determine current sustainability and future success for organizations. With this in mind, CFO.University has released a new CFO Talk with ERA Principal Consultant, Dileep Kulkarni.

The CFO Talk features practical tips and suggestions on maintaining a healthy supply chain, including:

  • 3 key elements of running an effective supply chain
  • A checklist for supplier management
  • Ways finance can elevate supply chain initiatives
  • Measurable KPIs to keep in mind for your organization

As many businesses are focusing on immediate needs, the partnership of CFOs and supply chains within organizations is paramount. Tune in to the CFO.University CFO Talk with Dileep Kulkarni to gain the valuable insight your organization needs to operate a successful and healthy supply chain.