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Today’s “Amazon” generation expects ease of use and self-service. Most people work full time, plus have hobbies and families and obligations. The days of going into the bank once a week are over. Customers want to be able to hop online and do what they need to do. They want questions answered quickly without jumping through hoops. How can you be sure you’re providing the type of experience customers have come to expect? Here are a few suggestions.

Offer remote video chat support

Even though many customers don’t want to go into a branch, their questions may still be complicated. Often, people have thoughts on investments, loans, or other items, but their schedule is simply too full to fit in another errand. Offering chat support online allows users to talk to a real person and feel like their needs are being met. Reassure customers that your chat function is secure, and their information will remain private. Institutions who offer video banking services have noticed that 72% of their customers view them as an innovative organization, while the customer satisfaction rate increased by 64%!

Create omnichannel experiences

Since customers expect online banking to become more accessible, you should invest in opportunities to create more meaningful interactions with customers on this platform. Connecting each customer experience – whether in-person, online, or mobile – makes customers feel supported and allows them to conduct their business in a way that makes sense for them. Savvy banks are now featuring live engagement platforms that support a variety of devices and operating systems, even enabling customers to reach their representatives with a single click of a button.

Consider co-browsing

Co-browsing and screen sharing are important troubleshooting tools you may want to provide for customers. When a frustrated user reaches a live agent because they cannot find the right document or link, your agent can communicate directly over the customer’s browser and direct them. Beyond that capability, more sophisticated live chat platforms allow co-form filling, which allows the agent and customer to fill out forms jointly and collaboratively. These simple steps will go a long way toward helping customers to feel supported and complete tasks when they need to.

Remaining accessible and available in the ways that your customers want to reach you is of utmost importance to doing business today. If you hope to stand out from your competition, you need to meet your users where they operate – and each of these tools will better prepare you to do just that.

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