Electric Vehicles < Expense Reduction Analysts

Autonomous transportation methods have been a great point of discussion in recent years. However, safety concerns have halted some companies and consumers from entirely buying into the concept. Now, electric transportation options are poised to fill the safety gap. Some start-up companies are finding ways to satisfy safety, environmental, and efficiency concerns with specific electric vehicle models.

Here are two organizations that are at the forefront of electric transportation innovation.

Rivian Revs Up Their Value

Rivian is a start-up company that specializes in producing electric delivery trucks. The Plymouth, MI based company caught the attention of Amazon, with an investment worth an estimated $4 billion. Rivian’s business model aligns perfectly with Amazon’s recent Climate Pledge of moving to 100% renewable energy by 2030. Amazon is one of the large organizations leading the charge to reduce carbon emissions. As a result, Amazon’s purchase of 100,000 Rivian electric delivery vans will contribute to a reduction of 4 million metric tons of carbon emissions over the next ten years. For this reason, the success of the Rivian and Amazon partnership could result in changes in transportation standards in the future.

Acrimoto Introduces All Electric Three-Wheeler

Portland, OR based Acrimoto is finally moving to retail production, after 12 years. Acrimoto’s CEO Mark Frohnmayer is ready to reveal the new FUV (fun utility vehicle) The vehicle’s compact model is a benefit for navigating through Portland’s congested traffic. Acrimoto is currently only shipping their vehicles to Oregon, California and Washington. However, the company could reach a much broader consumer base in the future. For instance, a single-seat delivery vehicle, the Deliverator, is currently in the works as well. The production of the Deliverator could help fill the smaller delivery gaps Amazon may not be able to fulfill with the aforementioned Rivian investment. Also, the Rapid Responder model for emergency first responders is in the pre-production phase. If the add on Acrimoto models are successful, the company could ignite new delivery and healthcare trends.

Companies like Rivian and Acrimoto satisfy the desire for customers to be more environmentally conscious. As transportation continues to evolve, innovation beyond traditional means is critical. Ensure your organization stays ahead of the transportation curve by implementing new initiatives that spark further benchmarks and quality standards.