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Packaging is an exciting area for business, as designers continue to innovate and leverage more sophisticated tools to develop the materials we use every day. From function to aesthetics, the various forms of packaging have made significant strides over the last several years. As we enter a new decade, we want to share with you some of the updates and trends that will affect the world of packaging for the next few years. Here are some of the more inspiring ideas helping to shape the future of packaging. 

Online products need to tell a story through packaging

No doubt, you’re familiar with the unboxing trend. As more and more products are sold online without a storefront, it’s essential for their packaging to tell consumers a story. Brands should use their packaging as a way to further connect with customers and share their core values. In an e-commerce era, part of the fun is receiving your box and discovering what’s inside, layer by layer. 

Combining futuristic and retro design elements

The term “retro-futurism” refers to designs that invoke feelings of nostalgia and anticipation at the same time. The current gradient trends are a starting point, and you can expect to see more neon colors and retro touches like minimalist logos. 

A cool and edgy feel

“A great trend in gradients is the use of spotted gradients, multi gradients and blurs,” says 99designs designer Obacht. Think of smeared color swatches, blurred edges, and more abstract feeling overall 1 to the images used on package design. This is especially true in the case of goods that are seen as more “edgy,” such as CBD products, wine, and new health conscious foods. 

More eco-friendly packaging

This pattern has been on an upward trajectory. Moving into 2020 with climate change considered a legitimate crisis, more companies will aim to create ecologically aware packaging options. Finding plastic-free alternatives to current materials is a challenge designers and engineers will face regularly. Expect more companies to explore packaging that’s easily recyclable or, taking things to a whole new level, doing away with packaging altogether. For example, Lush shampoo bars encourage consumers to forgo common plastic bottles 2 and advertise being package-free. 

Unique ideas for constructive forms

In 2020, expect more brands to get “out of the box” and seek alternatives to regular bottles, boxes, or bags. There are lots of different forms of packages, and it’s becoming more common for companies to develop packaging that mirrors their brand story or imagery. An example is a paint brand whose packaging transforms into the shape of a palette. 

Have you noticed any amazing packaging on the shelves lately? What stuck out to you as appealing about it? 

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