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Innovation continues to be a thriving topic across all industries. However, the healthcare industry has a particularly delicate task of balancing innovation with patient care, insurance regulations and cost control. As a result, some organizations have turned to the core of healthcare’s mission: healing their patients.

Transparent Information Systems

Data transparency is a benefit of continued healthcare innovation. NYU Langone Health has embraced this concept, with a real-time information system that enhances its daily operational processes. For instance, nurse practitioners, as well as doctors, can view patient records. As a result, this provides better alignment with hospital staff 1 and optimal patient experience. Also, hospitals will  have additional savings, more adequate safety precautions, and higher quality standards.

NYU Langone Health managed to seamlessly merge information technology with legacy systems, an admittedly difficult task. However, patients remained the top concern throughout the entire integration process. As long as doctors enter all of the information accurately and consistently, the information system fuels itself. Now, the organization has taken its initiatives even further by programming artificial intelligence to take on patient-doctor interactions.

Healthcare Partnership Caters to Boomers

Humana recently partnered with Microsoft to streamline healthcare records history for patients 2 . Humana manages health benefits for individuals enrolled in Medicare Advantage plans. Microsoft’s involvement includes utilizing its Azure cloud, artificial intelligence capabilities, and voice technology. Subsequently, patients will receive more predictive and personalized healthcare solutions. The long term strategy includes giving patients access to their complete health history in a simple format.

The Microsoft and Humana partnership adds to the list of existing technological healthcare innovations introduced by Apple, Amazon, and Google. Ultimately, Microsoft and Humana hope to achieve improved patient health awareness while simultaneously reducing costs. Demand continues to grow for Medicare, with 10,000 people joining daily. For this reason, the new partnership is more timely than ever before.

Healthcare continues to evolve alongside ever-changing digital transformations. As a result, we can expect to see more organizations combining their efforts for more efficient processes. Also, increased transparency within healthcare organizations will foster a better patient experience. Organizations should always remember to keep the needs of their-end users in mind during their plans for future innovation.

1 A Health Information System That Puts People First by William A. Haseltine
2 Microsoft, Humana Partner to ‘Reimagine’ Healthcare for Aging Boomers by Bruce Japsen