New Primary Care Centers

The concept of healthcare has changed dramatically over the years. For instance, digital advancements such as wearable technology have made patients more savvy about their personal health status. Insurance companies are making some significant changes as well. Now, Blue Cross Blue Shield (founded in 1929) is revitalizing the way patients receive care. Blue Cross Blue Shield’s presence is especially large in Florida, Illinois, Texas and New Jersey. Independent urgent care and health centers are more prevalent than ever. Many patients favor these types of treatments over the timely and often times more expensive doctor’s visits. As a result, primary care provider Sanitas USA and the venture capital segment of Health Care Service Corp have teamed up with BSBSA to form patient primary care centers 1.

Florida has already seen a significant decrease in expensive hospital care. Patients have been able to receive more one on one time for healthcare treatments and a lower admittance of emergency room visits. The patient care center model is quickly spreading across the country in other test markets. A wide range of services are available to patients, including urgent care, lab and diagnostic imaging and wellness management. Many of these patient centers are open all year long, which gives patients even less reason to visit a hospital. Forbes reports that Texas is next on the list for expansion. Over 200,000 patients are projected to benefit from the primary care centers.

TytoHome Kit For Patients

In addition, Best Buy is leading the way for retailers who are breaking new ground for healthcare wins. The company has recently announced their partnership with Tyto Care, with the sale of the new TytoHome kit. The $300 device is available online through Best Buy’s website and at select store locations. Dedi Glad, CEO of Tyto Care, has revealed plans for a larger roll out later this year. Best Buy currently holds exclusive rights as the first retailer to offer the device to patients 2. The partnership has made history, marking the first time the device has been made available for patient purchase. The TytoHome kit allows patients to conduct their own medical exams and send that information to their primary care providers for an official diagnosis.

The Future of Patient Healthcare Access

As a result of the emergence of primary care centers across the country and access to the TytoHome kit, patients are taking healthcare into their own hands. Now, patients no longer have to wait for a doctor’s appointment. Plus, they can save money in the process. However, this could pose a serious threat to hospitals. Less patient visits equal less money to go towards the expensive operating costs for healthcare facilities, for instance. Are the new advancements for healthcare accessibility worth the long-term damage they may cause? Blue Cross Blue Shield and Best Buy seem to believe it may be worth the risk. Time will tell if patients and the healthcare industry will find a mutually beneficial arrangement for both parties involved.

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