As large donations become more scarce, Expense Reduction Analysts helps nonprofits procure funding by finding hidden savings throughout their current contracts and supply chain processes – adding to the bottom line.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the services nonprofit organizations provide have been called on more as their services are needed by members of the community. Faced with greater need, stagnant, or in some cases, a decrease in funding, nonprofit organizations are faced with the decision to do more with less or find other ways to fund their mission.

In 2021, ERA analyzed a nonprofit healthcare facility’s janitorial services and saved the facility 4% annually without decreasing the quality provided.

Likewise, when engaged to examine the healthcare plan of a Pacific Northwest nonprofit healthcare provider with $40M in cash flow annually, ERA’s consultants were challenged with helping reduce the employee’s healthcare premiums for retention purposes. The healthcare facility’s HR department went to market with an RFP to select a new insurance broker and asked ERA to vet the new brokers and the programs they were offering. The incumbent insurance provider provided a non-negotiated premium increase of 15% or $400K over the current rates the nonprofit was already paying.

During the bidding process, ERA negotiated an alternative plan with a new provider that reduced the client’s premiums by 12% or $325,000 annually – allowing the organization to reduce the employee’s premiums and enhance employee benefits. The new insurance plan helped increase retention among staff and boost morale during a time of global uncertainty surrounding health.

In May 2020, in Utah, ERA was able to assist a healthcare staffing agency by reviewing their onboarding costs of background checks and drug screening totaling $1M in annual spending. ERA presented a new supplier for these services that provided faster turnaround times on background checks while saving the organization 59% totaling $500K annually. During the pandemic, ERA assisted the healthcare staffing agency again when their supplier could not deliver the PPE they needed. ERA helped in shoring up the supply chain by sourcing alternate suppliers the client had not thought of—keeping the organization’s staff fully covered and able to continue providing their services.

Ensuring your nonprofit organization has the right resources to continue funding its mission is critical in ensuring that it can continue serving those for whom the services are vital.

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