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Many restaurants are preparing to put their plans in motion for the upcoming new year. Digital integrations, manufacturing capabilities, and innovation are all at the top of the list of necessary strategies to consider. However, some organizations are taking a step back and focusing on their most significant asset: the consumer. While fresh ideas and new initiatives should be top of mind, some businesses are enjoying high profit as a result of a narrowed focus.

Here are two organizations that are trailblazing new paths for others to follow in the restaurant industry.

Tao Group Hospitality Goes Pink

Tao Group Hospitality is utilizing its charitable component, Tao Group Hospitality Cares, to implement a plethora of new pink food and beverage items 1 . The company is promoting the pink menu selections for World Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Tao Group Hospitality is located across the US in Chicago, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and New York, with international locations in Sydney and Singapore. As a result the company’s awareness initiative, which donates 10% of proceeds to the American Cancer Society’s Making Strides Against Breast Cancer, is creating a widespread impact.

Chef Ralph Scamardella is partnering with Tao Group Hospitality for their pink food and beverage selections. A pink don huevo dessert, tempura butternut squash, and tacos suardos are among the most notable creations. Customers can enjoy the pink-themed items at Tao Group Hospitality restaurant chains for the entire month of October. Tao Group Hospitality found a smart way to implement innovation and still give back to a charitable cause.

Alfred Tea Room Expands to Japan

Josh Zad founded Alfred Tea Room, in Los Angeles in 2013. Alfred quickly became a success, and eventually opened a sister coffee shop as well. The niche focus of Alfred Tea Room caters to the millennial population that enjoys tea but doesn’t want the traditional longer brewing process. Also, Josh Zad capitalized on the popular marketing tactic by introducing branded coffee and tea sleeves. For instance, Bumble partnered with Alfred Tea Room to advertise their brand to customers.

Tea is a large part of Japanese culture, with afternoon tea brewing customs that take up to two hours to complete. While Josh Zad traveled to Japan to perfect the art of making tea for Alfred Tea Room, he was approached to expand his business 2 . Now, five Japan locations have opened within the last two years. As a result, Zad is enjoying great success and a quicker growth rate than the US.

Restaurants that look at the bigger picture are seeing high profitability. Innovative tactics are essential to keep in mind. However, Tao Hospitality Group and Alfred Tea Room have proven that a laser focus on a specific initiative or consumer profile can produce astounding results. The food and beverage industry organizations that find ways to keep consumer behavior and interests at the forefront will be the front runners of 2020.

1 Tao Group Hospitality Offers Pink Food and Drinks for World Breast Cancer Awareness Month by Lisa Kocay
2 Why is the American Tea Room, Alfred, Booming in Japan? by Yola Robert