Business coaching certification: best options & alternatives

Teaching is one of the most rewarding occupations out there. You pass on your knowledge and skills to others to help them improve themselves, learning new skills and honing ones they already have. Coaching, by its nature, is a form of teaching, and one for which there’s an increasing demand. Of course, like any business that’s growing in demand, there’s also plenty of competition; so how do you make sure your potential clients know you’re the best choice for them? Certification is the best place to start.

One job, multiple certifications

Getting a business coaching certification will help clients recognize your skill and knowledge in your chosen field of coaching. Certification shows that you’ve demonstrated your abilities to experts who are prepared to stand by you and say you’re qualified for the job. However, as of 2022 there is no one source of certification for the industry. Business coaching doesn’t require a license, and a standard for coaching practices hasn’t been set. While this means aspiring coaches aren’t expected to meet any bars, it also means you need to be careful where you get your certification, as not everyone offering it is going to have the reputation to ensure value.

If you want to get certified, it’s important to get it from a reliable institution. One of the most well-regarded coaching certification organizations is the International Coaching Federation, a global business coaching organization that provides independent certification. Another, well-regarded institution is the Worldwide Association of Business Coaches. Both these organizations offer multiple levels of certification, depending on where you are in your business coaching career and where you want to take it. The ICF offers associate, professional, and master coaching certifications, while the WABC, offers practitioner, advanced, master and elite certifications.

Certification class schedules

Whatever certification institute you choose, they’ll have their own training methods. For example, the WABC advertises a “non-linear” training method. Meanwhile, the IFC has several basic steps laid out: completing specified training for the particular certification you’re pursuing, achieving a designated number of coaching experience and training hours, partnering with a mentor coach, and finally demonstrating the appropriate understanding and mastery of your chosen coaching field.

Recommended, but not mandatory

Business coaching certification is a good way to make sure your input as a business coach is taken seriously and carries some weight. However, it’s not required to run a business coaching franchise. If you decide to forego certification, there are a few alternatives. Firstly, you may consider hiring a coach of your own. Hiring a coach’s coach may sound a bit silly but having your own coach to act as a personal tutor is an effective way to learn how to teach others.
Another alternative is to study sales and marketing. Finding out how to advertise and market your service will help you present your skills and abilities in the best way possible. While certification provides outside confirmation, you always have the option of presenting your own case to potential clients. Finally, you can subscribe to a membership coaching service. These services provide support to business coaches, such as marketing and training, while being less expensive than a certification program.

Coach business leaders with ERA

Whatever choice you make regarding business coaching certification, there is a good market for business leaders looking for help and advice in running their companies. If you want to help advise business leaders, but don’t want to try going it alone, ERA may be the right choice for you. We’re a business cost management franchise that coaches businesses by analyzing their business models and finding ways to reduce their expenses and streamline their operations. If you’re interested in find out how you can put your business coaching skills to work finding savings for your clients, contact us for more information, and one of our representatives will be in touch!

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