Print Manufacturer Achieves $400K Savings, Gains Supply Chain Insights


ERA Helps Nazdar Achieve $400K Savings, Provides Support on Supply Chain Challenges

Nazdar Company is a leading manufacturer of screen printing, wide-format digital and flexographic inks, and a distributor of printing supplies worldwide. To manage overall profitability and to address supply chain challenges brought on by the global pandemic, Nazdar’s senior leadership team was seeking a trusted partner to drive savings and lend support during unprecedented times.

ERA conducted a spend review analysis of Nazdar’s expenses and identified savings in packaging, chemicals, telecommunications, and credit card processing fees to the tune of $400,000 in savings. Download the case study to learn how ERA not only helped Nazdar achieve significant savings but also provided invaluable insights on sourcing hard-to-find materials when the supply chain fell short.

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Learn how ERA helped top print manufacturer, Nazdar, save $400,000 on packaging, chemicals, telecommunications, and credit card processing costs while providing insights and support to solve key supply chain challenges.

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“The valuable partnership with ERA not only has ensured that Nazdar is procuring industry competitive rates but also maintaining and solidifying the long-term supplier relationships that have been developed over decades. Prior to and throughout the pandemic, we have benefited from the experience of the team at ERA in ways that were not and could not have been anticipated.”

David Austin, Chief Operating Officer - Nazdar Company

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