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Our hospitality specialists help deliver strong results across a variety of cost categories

Companies in the hospitality industry offer accommodations for travelers. Resorts, hotels, motels, and bed and breakfast inns are included within this industry.Key economic indicators affecting hospitality-related businesses include travelers’ personal income, employment levels, and corporate profits.

When consumer confidence surges, travel frequency can increase for both business and leisure travelers. Hospitality providers benefit in favorable economic times. Let ERA help your hospitality organization find additional savings and areas of improvement.

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Explore our work with FDY, as we examine exactly how we were able to help their company and what the outcomes were. Download the full case study now to learn more about how ERA can help your business.

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“Cost controls are vital to our day-to-day operations. ERA Consultants’ level of knowledge, expertise and professionalism has enabled us to go from three linen vendors to one vendor with drastic savings.”

Ora Jackson, HR Director - FDY

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