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Retail and Wholesale Trade

Our Specialists help deliver strong results across a variety of retail and wholesale categories

Competition in the retail trade industry is fierce for large and small companies that sell various products to consumers and businesses — from food and household goods to clothing and office supplies.

Retailers may stock specialized merchandise, deliver exceptional customer service, and offer competitive pricing as points of differentiation.

Consumer spending correlates with economic factors including personal income, job growth, and interest rates.

An awareness of the market and consumer trends can shape merchandising strategy and help manage retailers’ costs.

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Explore our work with Geiger Group, as we examine exactly how we were able to help their company and what the outcomes were. Download the full case study now to learn more about how ERA can help your business.

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“We are appreciative of ERA’s work and were impressed with the results, especially since we had already done so much internally.”

Dale Denham, CIO - Geiger

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