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The Manufacturing industry is constantly evolving, with new integrations and updated benchmarks

Businesses in the manufacturing industry transform raw material into finished products, from FMCG to more complex products to be sold to retailers or wholesalers.

Production rates can change rapidly depending on economic conditions. The manufacturing industry has also become increasingly more complex in recent years. Digital transformation, blockchain, and retaining legacy knowledge are all priorities that the manufacturing industry must manage.

ERA is able to provide valuable insight into the various manufacturing cost categories to provide substantial savings.

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Explore our work with Alloy Polymers, as we examine exactly how we were able to help their company and what the outcomes were. Download the full case study now to learn more about how ERA can help your business.

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“Many of our markets are cutting back, but we want to be ready to respond when the economy turns around. ERA plays a big role in helping us find new ways to remain financially healthy.”

Tracey Reuter, Controller - Alloy Polymers

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