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ERA Saves HVAC Company 20% in Equipment Rentals

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Leading HVAC company able to reinvest hidden savings into employees

A multi-state leading HVAC and industrial cleaning services company saved 20% annually in equipment rentals after partnering with ERA’s category specialists.

The undisclosed HVAC company was looking to expand into new industry markets. They reached out to ERA with the hopes of managing overall profitability and becoming more cost competitive when going out to bid.

After analyzing the company’s costs, we found their most significant variable was equipment rentals — like aerial lifts and specialty compressors. Leveraging knowledge of market pricing, ERA’s industry specialists identified regional suppliers to meet the company’s needs — allowing the HVAC company to reinvest in their team.

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Our case study examines how a leading HVAC company slashed their equipment rental costs after partnering with ERA.

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"ERA was instrumental in our small business saving $25,000 a year in equipment rental costs. Not only did those savings fall directly to the bottom line, but in competitive bidding situations, it gave us the flexibility to discount our prices while remaining in the black. "


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