Robb Lusk

Robb Lusk is a strategic Supply Chain and Finance Professional with 25+ years of great leadership experience in analysis, business planning and project management.

His career has a strong Finance background with stints in such positions as Controller, CFO and Head of Financial Planning and Analysis in such industries as home-building, manufacturing and consumer packaged goods. Robb then transitioned to Supply Chain Operations in such areas as Transportation, Demand Planning, Project Management and Analysis.

Early in his career, he handled the banking relationship and negotiated bank loans to allow a home-building company to grow from $2M to $10M in 2 years.

Robb’s biggest accomplishments have been in cost-reduction projects in the Supply Chain area with Del Monte Foods. He led two Network Optimization projects from data gathering through analysis and cross-functional implementation of the changes. Those projects resulted in 8-figure savings year over year.

Robb has valuable experience in the implementation of new Sales and Operation Planning processes in such measurables as overtime spend and on-time delivery to the customer. Through these Sales and Operation Planning processes, he ushered organizations into impressive ROI metrics. Although Robb considers Finance to be his biggest strength, he is skilled in working with large organizations and getting everyone to align with a specific vision.