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Office & Janitorial Suppliers: Insights to Realizing Greater Savings

Office & Janitorial Suppliers: Insights to Realizing Greater Savings

Office supplies and janitorial supplies represent two of an organization’s largest daily expense categories, yet for many companies, these areas get the least attention when it comes to cost reduction strategies. Rather than being a strategic business decision, purchases are often made by the maintenance manager or administrative staff, with a heavy influence from the actual supply users.

As such, there is great potential for overspending and random choices – a fact typically unbeknownst to the executive team within the organization. By examining the competitive landscape, analyzing current purchases and future needs, and taking a holistic view of purchasing behavior, organizations can uncover substantial cost-savings options.

Uncover the seven critical things organizations need to know about office and janitorial suppliers in order to make informed purchasing decisions.

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"Understanding what the supplier's costs are can help the client make the best decisions for greater savings."

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